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Video from our set at the free Sidebar Deathfest Show, Thursday night, May 22, 2014



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From the reissuer’s website:

“Antonius Rex mastermind Anthony Bartoccetti’s other dark occult horror doom from 1969! If you are into the Italian doom/prog/occult bands like Black Hole, Death SS, Paul Chain, L’Impero Della Ombre, Malombra, etc… then most definitely score up on this one. I’ll quote the Black Widow press release as they tell it best – “Finally available long time buried explosive material from 1969 never released before!!!! this is a real killer the legendary material recorded by Jacula in an English castle in 1969 is finally back from the grave never released before songs are similar to the ones released on their masterpiece “Tardo Pede” but this time, along with their classic “pipe-organ versus percussions” sound, you’ll find doomy guitar riffs a l? Tony Iommi a must have!”

As ridiculous as the sellers description may be, it fills in some blanks as far as certain gaps in information regarding the group are concerned.  Originally released in a quantity of 300, only some of those were distributed.  Antonius Rex, the bands “medium,” provided this record to a few hand-selected brotherhoods and cults.

Hermann Nitsch

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Hermann Nitsch, Viennese Actionist and founder of the Theater of Orgies and Mysteries, was recently featured in the book Blood Orgies: Hermann Nitsch in America.  I got to take a look at the book and watch some videos of his performances and became really excited about his work. These videos were posted by Incubate, a showcase of independant artists and performers in Tilburg, Holland, and show an “action” from 1982. I strongly recommend viewing these full-screen.  This passage from the Saatchi Gallery website gives a good, concise summary of Hermann Nitsch’s work:

Hailed by many as the Pope of Viennese ‘Aktionism’, Hermann Nitsch, together with Günter Brus, Otto Mühl, and Rudolf Schwartzkogler, reformed the face of sixties art, shunning the illusionary confines of traditional painting and sculpture, reinventing an art that exists in real, corporeal, and violent terms.

Hermann Nitsch was celebrated and reviled in equal measure as he took the semblance of a pagan ceremony and incorporated robed processions, symbolic crucifixion, drunken excess, nudity, animal sacrifice, the drinking of blood, and the ritualistic incorporation of viscera and entrails. Even today, his audiences aren’t mere visitors, but active participants in his artistic liturgies.

Lightning Storms and Church Fires!

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church steeple struck by lightning and burned down
church steeple struck by lightning and burned down
church steeple struck by lightning and burned down
church steeple struck by lightning and burned down
church steeple struck by lightning and burned down
church steeple struck by lightning and burned down

The summer before last, on August 2 (2008), the steeple of a church two blocks down from my house was struck by lightning and caught fire. Here are some photos of the aftermath.

Nunslaughter to play Talking Head Club Nov. 8

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Unholy Shit I am stoked to see NUNSLAUGHTER!!!
Brought to you in part by Diabolic Force.