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Out with the Old…

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Cabaret du Néant and Cabaret d’Enfer

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Paris, France, late 1800’s

cabaret du neant

cabaret du neant front

cafe du neant inside

cabaret du neant 9

cafe du neant skeleton

cabaret du neant 7

cabaret l'enfer front

cabaret d'enfer inside

cabaret l'enfer

Children of the Pyre

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“The swan will take wing, solo!
The world is a tableau of views
As the leaf, shorn from the tree
Is difficult to track
One knows not where it will fall
There is a gale at work
When this life is done
And the dictate runs its course
The messengers of Death, those of strong build
Will you have to negotiate
The swan will take wing, solo!
The world is a tableau of views

Ossian Brown – Haunted Air

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I was somewhere else. I thought I was somplace but now I didn’t know what place. I seemed to be inside foreign worlds where there was some kind of troubling comraderie – as if a haunting joke was known to everyone but me and yet faintly I knew it too. I couldn’t pull away – it was like a magnet and there was beauty in it. Human creatures with the feeling of being turned strange and open to falling and glee – they seemed to have a glee for somehow stithcing a laugh to darkness.

All the clocks had stopped. A void out of time. And here they are – looking out and holding themselves still – holding still at that point where two worlds join – the familiar and the other.

David Lynch, from Haunted Air: A collection of anonymous Hallowe’en photographs, America c. 1875 – 1955, Ossian Brown.

Ice Pick Lobotomy

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“Save Rosewood Now”

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“Save Rosewood Now”

Cosmos: The Lives of the Stars

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