From the reissuer’s website:

“Antonius Rex mastermind Anthony Bartoccetti’s other dark occult horror doom from 1969! If you are into the Italian doom/prog/occult bands like Black Hole, Death SS, Paul Chain, L’Impero Della Ombre, Malombra, etc… then most definitely score up on this one. I’ll quote the Black Widow press release as they tell it best – “Finally available long time buried explosive material from 1969 never released before!!!! this is a real killer the legendary material recorded by Jacula in an English castle in 1969 is finally back from the grave never released before songs are similar to the ones released on their masterpiece “Tardo Pede” but this time, along with their classic “pipe-organ versus percussions” sound, you’ll find doomy guitar riffs a l? Tony Iommi a must have!”

As ridiculous as the sellers description may be, it fills in some blanks as far as certain gaps in information regarding the group are concerned.  Originally released in a quantity of 300, only some of those were distributed.  Antonius Rex, the bands “medium,” provided this record to a few hand-selected brotherhoods and cults.

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